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‘N’s Nomads: International Business Advisor Oscar Mussons

Top 5 Top 5 Top 5.
Drake said it best. And if we’re honest, we all have a Top 5. You know, those people that you’ve dated that you compare to all the rest. Well I’m proud to say that this week’s ‘Nomad is definitely in my top 5: a handful of people I’ve seen that are truly incredible people. From backpacking through Nicaraguan jungles, fighting for peace in the Congo, crossing Taliban checkpoints or trekking through the Sahara on horseback for the hell of it, they are my personal League of Extraordinary Gentlemen — I have a type. And I’m so excited to introduce some of them to you in ‘Nomads.


Oscar is a kindred spirit who I’ve known since meeting in 2006. Over the years we’ve been in and out of each other’s lives and have occasionally crossed paths — you’ll find him mentioned in my blog post about Istanbul. He is one of those rare people that really lives. Extremely ambitious, Oscar has managed to walk that seemingly difficult line of navigating a successful career path and being very well travelled. Trained as a lawyer, Oscar currently resides in Vietnam where he works as an international business advisor that’s been featured on industry leading sites like Forbes, several times, and CNBC. He also makes a banging risotto. When I first spoke to Oscar about answering this questionnaire in April of 2015, he was on his 87th country visited with plans to visit 100 by 30. Well, September 5th was his 30th birthday and he did it in the Maldives. And in honor of his 30th birthday, we’re celebrating him on ‘NAPW, not only with his ‘Nomads Q&A, but for ONE TIME ONLY, this week’s Never Date A Traveler isn’t anonymous, it’s about how Oscar and I met. So look out for that next week!



‘N: Where did you grow up?

Oscar: I am from Spain and I grew up in Spain as well. But I have been out of Spain since I graduated in Law in 2009.  

‘N: Where do you live now?

Oscar: I live between the United States, Latin America and Spain at the moment. I don’t have a fixed residence. **now Oscar resides in Vietnam

‘N: How did we meet?

Oscar: We met in Athens, Greece almost 10 years ago, time flies!  

‘N: How many languages do you speak? Which ones?

Oscar: Fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. Can get by in Turkish and Serbian. Now learning Arabic.

‘N: What is your favorite part about life in Extremadura, Spain?

Oscar: It’s relaxing, full of nature, with plenty of historical cities and nice small towns where you can have unforgettable bites. 

‘N: For first time visitors to Spain, what are three places they must visit?

Oscar: Leaving Extremadura aside, I would recommend Andalucia (with Granada, Cordoba, Cádiz and Seville), Barcelona and Madrid. But there are so many other beautiful regions and cities that would make up a never-ending list.

‘N: What’s your footie team?

Oscar: Real Madrid

‘N: What are 5 must-haves for packing for a week in Madrid?

Oscar: Comfortable shoes as you are going to walk a lot. Sunglasses to protect you from the intense sun (especially if you go in summer time). European adapter plug, running shoes to discover El Retiro Park and don’t forget your coat if you are going in winter. 

‘N: Tell us about Spanish cuisine. What’s a must-try dish in Extremadura?

Oscar: Spanish cuisine is one of the best in the world. I am just not bragging. We are among the top 5 in the world with the most restaurants with Michelin Stars and one of our restaurants was recently elected the best in the world. Extremadura is known for its pork products, specially jamón ibérico and the regional dish is called migas which is made of leftover bread, vegetables and meat.

Here are a few photos from Oscars travels


Zanzibar, Tanzania


Wadi Rum, Jordan


Rio, Brazil


Patan, Nepal


Caye Caulker, Belize


El Nido, Phillipines


Isfahan, Iran


New Delhi, India


Border N.Korea – S. Korea

Follow Oscar’s adventures around the world on Instagram and his blog, Tu Pasaporte al Mundo.


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