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A Weekend in Nantucket w/ American Rhino


American Rhino Women's Page Summer 2018.jpgI’m going to let you behind the curtain. Something that most bloggers have struggled with regularly or at least once in their career is the precarious balance between staying stringently true to their messaging and simply paying the bills. So, I am thrilled when I get asked on a job with a brand first, WITH, a mission and second, with one that I believe in and is important to me. American Rhino

American Rhino Mission Statement.png

A few weeks before I was asked to be apart of the Summer campaign, I was chatting with Michele about one of the species of rhinos in Africa being on the brink of extinction (I think the convo stemmed from Black Panther). We then began looking at other animals that have gone extinct during our lifetime and grew genuinely sad, not even that we never had a chance to see them but the thought of knowing that would never be an option. I’m proud to be apart of this campaign and here’s a glimpse of some of my favorite photos shot that weekend!





Look at the brand’s invitation to Trump!




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