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Seltzer Goat Farm

The concept of farm-to-table is definitely a way of life that has been ingrained in me since childhood. From my mom’s stories about mango trees in her childhood in Jamaica, to dining room tables filled with with squash, tomatoes, and callaloo from our garden in Brooklyn, my love of farmers markets locally, to agriturismos in Italy, I’m super into knowing what I’m putting into my mouth. It’s no wonder that time spent on a farm in the Judean mountains was the highlight of my trip to Israel.

I’m coming for you Bar! — The Dead Sea

I don’t know about you, but after my late afternoon Masada jog, I like to cool down with a few laps in the Dead Sea. WTF?! Kind of kidding, but really, that’s a pretty close depiction of one of my days in Israel. After spending the early morning at the Bahá’í Gardens, a UNESCO world heritage site that gives Versailles’ manicured lawns a run for its money, we jetted off to Masada only to get stuck in  desert traffic, rerouted by sink holes and IDF operations. After racing up and down the mega-rock we drove to our home for the night, Herods Dead Sea: a secluded spa & resort with one of the best dinner & breakfast buffets I’ve ever had. While the facilities, like the sulfur pool and the spa were remarkable, the construction going on around the hotel was a bit of a distracting eyesore and I wondered if we got there right before the area became a resort strip. Nevertheless, it was on the Dead Sea! That evening, I started with a …

My Last Day in Tel Aviv: Breaking in this summer’s LWD!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts one of the best traveling decisions I made on my recent trip to Israel was to change my flight, extending my time. On my last day I woke up with one thing on my itinerary: to wander. With the sun shining and a promise of a gorgeous day of sightseeing in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, I was excited to finally wear my new white lace Maje dress. So gorgeous and ladylike, with my sun worn Castañer espadrilles, I felt very Roman Holiday parading down Rothschild Boulevard and on gorgeous streets like Montefiore and Balfour. Nearby one of Tel Aviv’s main market, Carmel, is Keren Hateimanim, or the Yemenite Vineyard. A neighborhood that existed before the city itself and is quickly becoming one of the trendiest, the Yemenite Vineyard is a beautiful, simple neighborhood with a great deal of family owned restaurants. The Library Bar at the Norman. The Library Bar is a stand out. The stylish and comfy decor transfers you to a 1950s gentlemen’s club …

People of Jerusalem – a Photo Diary

Jerusalem is a mecca where so many different religions intersect and in no way is this more apparent than the people. The old city is divided into pretty distinct quarters, the Armenian Quarter, Christian Quarter, Jewish Quarter and Muslim Quarter, each teeming with life and at times, fraught with tension. And each, attracting millions of religious pilgrims each year. Makes for great people watching. Click through below as I people watch through all four quarters.

Election Day in Tel Aviv

From memes of Obama and Sarkozy’s “you can’t sit with us” stance on Netanyahu, to almost fantastical tales of Israel’s Iron Domes and cross-border smuggling tunnels in Gaza that have filled daily international headlines for the past years, it’s hard to be oblivious to what’s going on between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East. My most recent trip to Israel and my time spent in Tel Aviv during this week’s elections further served to open my eyes to what Israelis, especially young Israelis are facing every day.

Here we go! So far… one of the safest places on earth…

Hey there! Blogging from King David’s Lounge at JFK and so excited to announce my next ‘N A Perfect World adventure. Side note: I love El Al’s JFK representatives and I’ve never felt safer or more taken care of. And my mom lost her phone in the taxi to the airport and they were so accommodating. One guy even saying, “I get it… I have a Jamaican mother in law…” להתראות