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Poke, Ramen and So Much More. Eating my Way Through Hawaii

As an avid seafood eater — I’m in an Oyster lovers meet up group — one thing several people told me when I mentioned I was heading to Hawaii was “You’re going to love the fresh seafood!” And with tons of poke focused restaurants recently opening up in NYC, Hawaiian cuisine was definitely on my radar. So I ate my way through Kaua’i and Waikiki, here are some of my favorite stops along the way.

My Instax Diary: Hawaii

This summer, traveling around with my Fujifilm Instax, I absolutely fell in love. There’s something to be said about waiting for the right moment. And the film’s pretty expensive so you don’t want to waste it on just anything. Here’s the first of a photo diary series I’m doing with just my photos from my Fujifilm Instax camera from my trip to Kaua’i & Oahu, Hawaii.