Image courtesy of Stockholm-Streetstyle.com, Milan, Italy 2014.

Image courtesy of Stockholm-Streetstyle.com, Milan, Italy 2014.

‘I just won’t sleep,’ I decided. There were so many other interesting things to do. – JK

A born and raised New Yorker & global citizen, I, Nneya Richards am a fashion maven (I was invited to the White House, I can call myself that now 😉 ) who founded Double N Rich Creative in 2012 as a way to offer branding, styling and creative solutions, with an emphasis in fashion, for a variety of fields from family opera to travel destinations. Through Double N Rich, I am a frequent contributor to Paper Magazine, Luckymag.com, StyleCaster & theVivant.com and Guest of a Guest, as well as a brand ambassador for a variety of beauty and fashion companies. 

There was definitely a gap in the industry, especially by way of the services offered to really talented up-and-coming designers but here’s why I really did it. My number one passion — travel.

I love exploring new places, eating my way through countries and am a magnet for foreign men and women, and desk life isn’t so conducive to that! I love traveling, and sharing my adventures. We’re not a world of isolationists any more, so, ‘N A Perfect World… is born.

’N A Perfect World… a curated intersection of fashion, travel and geopolitics & socialization inspired by the global-citizen lifestyle of the millennial.  From up-and-coming artisans to up-and-coming locales, ’N A Perfect World… will invite you off the beaten path.

For more about me, go to NneyaRichards.com



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