Month: November 2015

‘N A Perfect World for Fathom Away We Go! and Bonus New Video!

With eyes wide with excitement, one of the first things people always ask me when I tell them I went to Havana recently, is “How did [I] do it?” I got to share it with a large audience this week on Fathom Away We Go! Check out the article below about how my mother and I set up our own volunteer trip to Havana, Cuba and be sure to check out the video of me breaking it down to Mambu & Company!

Dispatch from Barceló Bávaro Resort in the Dominican Republic

I’ve spent this past week at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic on a press trip researching for an upcoming story. I must admit, I had initial trepidations about going there; they quickly dissolved as soon as I was greeted by the many smiling and kind Dominican faces at the airport. The DR is a beautiful country, and from my previous experiences in Cabrera, and recent experience in Punta Cana / Bávaro, filled with kind hearted people. However, much like the US, it has a history scarred with systematic racism. Much like the US, it continues today, however, it’s blatantly enforced by the government.