Month: May 2015

10 Minute Editorial with the Min Wu collection

I can’t wait to share my amazing experiences at the Origins Fair with Not Just A Label with my ‘N A Perfect World… audience. The fair re-energized me and reminded me why I liked to work with emerging designers. These people were not only inspiring and talented but they also had their affairs in order and were burgeoning ethical business owners. One of the designers that I formed a bond with was London-based, Min Wu. I have some great content with Min coming soon, and trust me, this Vogue Italia darling is hilarious as she is talent. During the last moments of Origins, while I was packing up my booth, Min came over with my favorite skirt from her collection. I dug into my suitcase for shoes while Min found a top. After changing in the booth, we pinned the samples (a stylist is always prepared!), ran outside and there happened to be an Italian fire brigade. Voilà… we had a casual editorial. 😉 Here’s a quick outtake from my upcoming interview with Min!

‘N A Perfect World for – Street Art in Tel Aviv

Excited to share my recent work for with you, Why Tel Aviv Is One of Street Art’s Most Important Hubs Right Now. As I was walking around Tel Aviv, I became obsessed with the graffiti on the beautifully decaying buildings. When I came back I knew I absolutely had to share it and luckily my editor Abby at Paper is into dope art scenes as much as I am. Understandably for brevity, I didn’t get to include nearly as many artists and go in depth about the scene.  For all you graffiti heads, check back on ‘N A Perfect World… in a month or so where I’ll publish the full unedited article!

Live from Vicenza!

I have the privilege of being in Vicenza, Italy for the Origins Fair with Not Just A Label on behalf of designer Azede Jean-Pierre. 100 emerging designers from around the world paired with 100 leading Italian manufacturers with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, this is an #NAPerfectWorld dream…

What I Wore: New York Indian Film Festival Closing Ceremony

One of the best things about going to a liberal arts college is discovering random interests that you never knew you had. While at Amherst College, I took an Indian Film class with professor David Reck and discovered a new film genre to love. The best part about my new hobby was  finding out that my mom loves Bollywood. So annually, we make a date for the New York Indian Film Festival. This year, we were going to the closing ceremonies and doing the red carpet and although I knew I would totally be blown away by elegant saris and beautiful Indian film stars, it was the perfect opportunity to wear my new Azede Jean-Pierre SS15 deep red trousers paired with an Organic by John Patrick t-shirt and Madeline Weinrib x Manolo Blahnik special edition ikat BB pumps. Shop my look below!

‘N’s Nomads: #ShalasStLucia with Shala Monroque

Recently named among the chicest women in fashion in 2015 by, Shala Monroque is the embodiment of perfection here at ’N A Perfect World…. Style, class, and culture with a tongue in cheek sense of humour. For some time, this art and fashion world fixture, GARAGE magazine creative director and Miuccia Prada’s muse seemed to be always on the go and simultaneous in cultural capitals around the world. After having the privilege of spending time with her during last September’s New York and Milan fashion weeks, I saw it was that the time off the red carpet and away from the street style photographers that captured the majesty that is Shala. There’s a serenity, an openness, a spontaneity — in the middle of Milan fashion week, she and her friend, Michele Elie went for lunch and to check out glass-making in Venice and Murano! 
Having recently moved back to her hometown of St. Lucia, West Indies, Shala’s instagram feed has been filled with envy-inducing #ShalasStLucia. I caught up with her about her time in …

Seltzer Goat Farm

The concept of farm-to-table is definitely a way of life that has been ingrained in me since childhood. From my mom’s stories about mango trees in her childhood in Jamaica, to dining room tables filled with with squash, tomatoes, and callaloo from our garden in Brooklyn, my love of farmers markets locally, to agriturismos in Italy, I’m super into knowing what I’m putting into my mouth. It’s no wonder that time spent on a farm in the Judean mountains was the highlight of my trip to Israel.

Flushing Food Crawl – Part 1

One of the coolest things about living in New York City is that it’s a foodie’s paradise. It’s not just the world-renowned restaurants but NYC is a melting pot, home to so many cultures and ethnic groups that have made the United States their home and almost all of these groups have their own food scenes in their enclaves of the city. To celebrate NYC and how growing up in this back drop has informed my taste palate, thoughts on culture and ultimately lead to ’N A Perfect World… I’ll be exploring my home town through neighborhood food crawls. The first: Flushing, Queens! Flushing’s been getting attention lately with Queens Night Market starting this past April: over a hundred vendors, delicious food, art, performances from 6pm – midnight every Saturday from now until October. Get there! A 10 year old girl of Indian descent, who I recently interviewed, gushed about how much she loved living in Flushing and called it a “porridge pot.” I’m going to go with that, Flushing is a delicious porridge pot …