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10 Minute Editorial with the Min Wu collection

I can’t wait to share my amazing experiences at the Origins Fair with Not Just A Label with my ‘N A Perfect World… audience. The fair re-energized me and reminded me why I liked to work with emerging designers. These people were not only inspiring and talented but they also had their affairs in order and were burgeoning ethical business owners.

One of the designers that I formed a bond with was London-based, Min Wu. I have some great content with Min coming soon, and trust me, this Vogue Italia darling is hilarious as she is talent. During the last moments of Origins, while I was packing up my booth, Min came over with my favorite skirt from her collection. I dug into my suitcase for shoes while Min found a top. After changing in the booth, we pinned the samples (a stylist is always prepared!), ran outside and there happened to be an Italian fire brigade.

Voilà… we had a casual editorial. 😉

IMG_3265 copy IMG_3268 copy IMG_3262 copy IMG_3260 copy IMG_3257 copy

Here’s a quick outtake from my upcoming interview with Min!


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