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The Perfect Weekend In Western Kentucky

Bourbon and Bards, Caves and Corvettes. If you just thought of fried chicken, you’re missing out. Here’s a guide to a weekend in Bowling Green and Louisville, Kentucky. Something I’m constantly reminding myself is how big America is. As a stereotypical coastal person, I’ve far from been to every state in this great country so I happily accepted an invitation from the Kentucky Tourism board to visit. Let’s shoot a Western! Start in Bowling Green. Downtown Bowling Green’s main square and Fountain Park is straight out of a movie set. Western style colorful buildings, an old-school theatre, the Capitol Arts Center, dating back to the 1890s, and a beautiful park with ornate cast iron fences with romantic southern curlicues. I went in the early morning and there was a stunning morning mist and suddenly the square came alive with Bowling Greeners starting their day. While there, grab a coffee at Spencer’s on College street. Where to stay. The Hotel Sync, an exec suite apartment style living on Corvette Dr, is right next door to the …

woman in front of purple Vespa in red check dress

The Perfect Summer Dress: Sicily Debut

I found the perfect summer dress! A google search lead me to it. It’s Simone Rocha x H&M. With so many people asking me about the dress — even before I posted our engagement photos — I decided to post about this summer dress because I’m kind of obsessed with it and the look. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of it this summer! I was looking up “red check summer dresses” and found it on Poshmark, then found my size New With Tags on Vestiaire. It was my first time using the app so I also got $25 with WelcomeUS code. Customer service was great — there were delays with USPS. I reached out to H&M about this collection but they never got back to me. The collection was kind of slept on probably due to the “pancake” and I hardly saw influencers promoting it. I loved when my friends Carolyn & Sophie had my Veronica Beard loafers and I love bringing good deals to you guys, I also love procrastinating because I have …

Podcast: Never Date a Traveler – Kaua’i

Kaua’i is beautiful. Quite honestly, it’s the most naturally beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Many Hawaiians told me it was their favorite island and it’s easy to see why: from blessings to peaks, I absolutely fell in love with this island if you can remember from my article for Vice’s Amuse. The locals are pretty beautiful as well. Which brings me to the latest edition of Never Date a Traveler – Kaua’i. Screw roses and chocolates; a zip-tied bouquet of gardenias (see polaroid above), yummy starfruit and breadfruit make this the best first date gifting situation yet! Hear all about it on Soundcloud or iTunes!  

Podcast: Never Date A Traveler – Loano

It started with Grace Jones at a gala in Milan and ended in Italy’s Boca Raton. In between, there was a possible robbery, a strike and that glorious feeling of why not that can only be captured by Italian sprezzatura. Listen to this week’s edition of Never Date a Traveler and find out how I really detox after Fashion Month.