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Bringing Back Warriorship w/ Bollywood Veggies

Some of the trips I go on are sponsored by the hosting country’s tourism board. It’s a fascinating view into a country and a great way to see the top tourist attractions and the “best ofs.” But if you read my blog enough you know that while I love a Michelin-star restaurant and views from a landmark cathedral, I also like to get weird and go off the beaten path. That’s where the people of the beautiful countries that I visit come in. The people I meet shape my perception of these countries. One of the best examples of this in my recent travels than is Singapore.

One of the wealthiest nations in the world, this small island nation in the Indian Ocean seems to be the way of the future. I’ll be taking you around Singapore through my photo diary in tomorrow’s post but right now I’d like to talk about my trip to Bollywood Veggies.

Bollywood Veggies Organic Farm is a farming collective and education center in the Kranji district of north west Singapore. Run by Ivy Singh-Lim, daughter of an extremely wealthy maharajah with major land holdings in Singapore, and her husband, Lim Ho Seng, this place is a haven outside of the hustle and bustle of the Singapore I first encountered. Wearing a holster, a cowboy hat and brandishing her knives, Ivy is a force — I was just happy she liked me, calling me a little tiger! Bollywood Veggies co-owner, Ivy Singh-Lim, the gentle warrior, has the luxury enough to be so wealthy she can be outspoken. Through Ivy, I was made privy that things in Singapore are not what they seem. “Where are the old, the poor, the disabled? Not just the migrant workers.”

Nneya Richards and Ivy Singh
She doesn’t just talk the talk. Upon entering Bollywood Veggies you are greeted by Oh Siew May, author of Scaling Walls – My Story. Oh Siew May suffers from cerebral palsy. “Suffers” is a strange word to use, as Siew May has overcome so much adversity and is one of the most productive and giving people I’ve ever encountered — she’s also an avid rock climber! Journeying 4hrs back and forth to work everyday, Siew May is an indispensable part of Bollywood Veggies; her book, Scaling Walls, brought tears to my eyes. Learn more about her story here.


Oh Siew May

The grounds and education center are really a beautiful oasis.

Nneya Richards and Lim

with Lim Ho Seng co-owner of Bollywood Veggies and Ivy’s husband

Flowers in Bollywood Veggies by Nneya Richards

the flora was absolutely spectacular


Lily Pond at Bollywood Veggies

Lilly Ponds

Nneya Richards in Butterfly Garden at Bollywood Veggies

Place of your dreams


Don’t be intimidated by the knives! Here I am chatting with Bollywood Veggies co-owner Ivy Singh-Lim about bringing back warriorship into the world.

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