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A couple kissing in front of brick column on Lake Garda

10 Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day (And How to Recreate them at Home!)

Valentine’s Day 2022 is coming up and while we all thought we’d be traveling the world by now, Omicron is rearing its head. Here are 10 Romantic Getaways near and far for you to consider for Valentine’s Day. And, if travel is up in the air for you right now, here are some tips for you to recreate that special getaway at home! Verona, Italy Verona is naturally one of the most famous cities of romance, ever. Immortalized by Shakespeare as the setting of Romeo & Juliet, the city really leans into its reputation, even once partnering with Air Bnb on a romantic stay. I love the city of Verona, with it’s beautiful old town and romantic side streets. Check out my guide for a perfect stay in the city. Can’t make it to Italy? Open a bottle of Amarone wine, a rich dry Italian red from Veneto. Pour a glass and roll up your sleeves because you’re making a Verona specialty, risotto all’amarone. Here’s an easy to follow recipe from Food & Wine. Cue …

Walking in a street in Taormina with pink flowers cascading down

Featured in Drew Barrymore’s DREW magazine

It was an honor for me to be featured in the Holiday 2021 issue of DREW, Drew Barrymore’s magazine. It’s always amazing to have my work published and be recognized for my work. I also love any opportunity to showcase my love of Italy! In this package edited by Jeralyn Gerba, the magazine round up perfect vacations for families, solo travel, couples etc and I’m discussing Taormina, Sicily and why it’s the perfect holiday destination for couples. Taormina is where Michele and I were engaged and it was wonderful to be able to share the photos from such a wonderful time in my life. Check out my full page spread and my photography actually opens the package as well! Here’s the cover. Look out for Drew Barrymore’s DREW magazine on your newsstands!

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Sedona Energy Vortexes – A Guide to Perfect Vibrations

Here’s a trip to consider for the start of your new year: the Sedona energy vortexes. Sometimes you travel for enlightenment or peace of mind. To find yourself. This can happen on any trip but there are certain parts of the world that are known as spiritual centers to “speed up” the process. Pilgrimages to Mecca. Seekers in India. The metaphysical vibrations with the Sedona energy vortexes. Long before the psychic Page Bryant named the energy vortexes of Sedona in 1980s, Native Americans recognized Sedona as a spiritual and healing center. The Yuvapai, Navajos, Hopi and Tonto Apaches only used the land as sites for sacred ceremonies. They came to heal in the red rocks of Sedona. Within these energy vibrations they found their hearts. But I’m not into all of this New Age stuff That’s why Sedona is a perfect trip. You don’t necessarily subscribe to visiting a place because an 80s psychic says it’s a hotspot? Understandable. But I definitely wouldn’t call centuries old Native American traditions, “new age.” If nothing else, there …

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A Perfect 2021 Travel-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

Here is a 2021 perfect travel-inspired holiday gift guide for the wanderer in your life. We’re in the throws of the holiday season with a week left until Christmas. If you’re anything like me, shopping is easy breezy and then last minute express orders. People often wonder what to get for travelers as they spend time touring the world and seeing cool stuff. Well, sometimes, it’s just the little things. Really, they’ll appreciate the travel size. Here’s our perfect 2021 holiday gift guide. If they have a travel blanket. Get them a big, cozy cashmere scarf! So I have a travel blanket. Actually, a beautiful Chanel one. But I hardly use it. Why? Because I more often than not live from my carry on. And my “personal item” is a tote that’s jammed packed with my laptop, camera and essentials. So while my travel blanket is super cozy, I usually travel with my SCAGLIONE knit duster and a SCAGLIONE cashmere scarf. It’s comfy, doesn’t take up as much space as a blanket and I’ll wear …

Due to Omicron Concerns, Biden Announces New U.S. Travel Requirements

For a brief moment, it seemed like even with the Delta variant the travel industry was on the comeback. The U.S. opened to the EU, summer and holiday spending on travel was on the up. New U.S. travel requirements seems to be on pause. And then in the 20th month of the global pandemic, the WHO announces a “variant of concern,” the Omicron. Due to Omicron concerns, President Biden announces new U.S. travel requirements. When the Omicron variant was announced, the US quickly banned entry from non-citizen travelers from countries in Southern Africa. This was in effort to gain reaction time and slow down the spread. On Wednesday, the President announced new U.S. travel requirements in an effort to prep for holiday travel season. Starting December 6, all international arrivals, vaccinated or not, will need to test negative for COVID no more 1 calendar day before flying to the U.S. Sure, this seems like a minor adjustment. But it leaves the travel industry concerned about whether or not this will dissuade travel during a time …

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What To Know Before Booking Your September Italian Travel 2021

September is a great time to travel to Italy this 2021, but with Italy reinstating Covid-19 restrictions for American visitors, here’s what you should know before heading to Italy. Umbrellas are closing, summer in Italy is coming to an end. But the summer season isn’t officially over yet. Often times, that makes for the best time to visit the country. My first time in Le Cinque Terre was in September as a study abroad student. It was a trip free from crowds; I had a much easier time booking a B&B and got to really hang with locals. But before you book those last minute trips and travel to Italy in 2021, here are a few things you should know. Italy has indeed taken the EU’s advice and reinstated some restrictions for Americans. In my opinion, this is part Delta, part politics, part economics. The summer season is over, the US did not reciprocate. Other countries removed from the safe travel list include Israel, Japan and Canada. Any traveler that’s been in the US in …

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The Perfect Weekend in Mexico City

Love exploring cities? Here’s a perfect travel guide to Mexico City. You guys know how much I love Mexico. My love of Sayulita actually started my travel writing career. This time around, I was able to explore a very different side of the country than the coasts. With just a 4.5 hour flight from NYC, less from LA, head to this amazing cosmopolitan city for some fun, fashion and fulfillment. Here’s my perfect long weekend travel guide to Mexico City to get you started. W Mexico City invited @skinnywashere, @troprouge, @lexiconofstyle, @catcherinthestyle, @neivy, @so.shauna, and me, @nneya to explore their city, bursting back to life after the pandemic. Seemingly unstoppable cities around the world went sleepy, but if this is Mexico City just waking up, wow! Vibrant, fun, cultured, sexy are just a few ways to describe this city, so naturally, we fit right in. I missed exploring countries around the world. We all did. And while Americans have been going to Mexico during the pandemic, travel has been more escapism. Nightlife, restaurants, theatre, the …

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BIPOC Travelers + Allies See Me at Audacity Fest Sat May 1st!

I am so appreciative of the support you perfectionists have given me over the years. I love being able to impart my experience and industry knowledge to you and here’s a fun accessible opportunity coming up for you to hear me and my colleagues speak. BIPOC Travelers + Allies See Me at Audacity Fest Sat May 1st!I’ll be speaking on a panel on Bridging the Gap from Industry to Influencer. There are a few verticals to what is known as the BIPOC travel movement. Forward facing, we have the influencers who work their magic in the social media space. Internally, we have the corporate partners that are our representations at the Board of Tourism tables. On the research side, we have the data aggregators to help create the full picture, through numbers, of our impact on the industry. On the ground, we have the vendors and suppliers who help bring our experience to life. This panel is a moment for us all to come together and see how we can advocate for one another.  I’m so excited to chat …

Image of Girl walking in Crema with Watchtower Behind her. Light blue sky, Cathedral on Right

Perfect Afternoon in Crema

Fan of “Call Me By Your Name?” Then you might know the Italian city of Crema! Want a list of things to do in Crema? Here’s your guide to a perfect afternoon in Crema, Italy. Check this guide to a famously romantic Italian city. One morning late last summer, Michele and I waited for the sky to clear and looked at maps of the Bergamo area for an afternoon jaunt on his dad’s motorcycle. Crema was perfect. What should have been a 40 minute motorcycle ride (we got lost!) took us through small towns. Imagine lazy golden Italian piazzas and babbling brooks. It’s easy to see why Guadagnino chose the Northern Italy area and the city of Crema as a setting for his “quintessential Italy.” Crema’s landmarks aren’t on the tourists drag so while the beautiful buildings evoke Italy, it’s not the Duomo in Milan or Florence, or Piazza San Marco in Venice. Crema is along the river Serio. The center showcases charming, baroque and renaissance architecture. So, in Milan for a little? Take an …

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Stanning for Stella

I’ve been stanning for Stella, designer Stella Jean for a few years now. When recently profiling her for TripAdvisor, I ended up feverishly writing my love story with the brand in a way that made my editor laugh. I submitted about 3 times more than was required and they worried it wasn’t “digestible” for the TripAdvisor audience! Fully understandable. I got carried away. TripAdvisor is not where people go for essays, word play etc. They go for quick, digestible info in graphically appealing formats, and great crowd sourced reviews. But that’s why I started ‘N A Perfect World. As a place where I can go into depth on subjects that I’m passionate about and my perfectionists appreciate it! So… as Stella Jean’s latest Laboratorio Delle Nazioni partnership was just released (it’s with Kyrgyzstan), let me tell you the origin story of my full on stanning for Stella Jean. It’s been argued that the Italian fashion system is harder for new designers. Do a google search of “Italian fashion designers.” Nestled between greats like Miuccia Prada …