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Italy Announces New Digital Nomad Visa

In order to aid with tourism revitalization and slow tourism in particular, in May, Italy will be announcing a year-long renewable digital nomad visa to non EU citizens.

Years ago, when looking into residency permits in Italy, I found the process a bit archaic in regards to today’s world and digital nomads. One of the standards of self-employment required you to invest a couple hundred thousand euros in a company in the country! More often than not, technology moves faster than bureaucracy and Italy wants visitors to know they’ve heard and received!

The country wants slow tourism and this is another arm of it! Italy’s digital nomad visa will attract talent to the country as well as even revitalize places that have lost residents from brain drain, age, or in the case of Venice, rising housing costs due to tourism.

So who are digital nomads? According to the decree:

“Citizens of a third country, who carry out highly qualified work activities through the use of technological tools that allow them to work remotely on a self-employed basis or for a business, including those not resident in the territory of the Italian State.”

Are you self employed? Proof of your own llc, etc.

Do you work remotely / no longer have to go into your office?

Are you a freelancer?

What’s the catch? Well we haven’t seen the paperwork yet but: 

  • Workers will need to provide their own health insurance.
  • 5% tax rate for self employed remote workers.

Will you be working remotely from Italy?

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