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Poke, Ramen and So Much More. Eating my Way Through Hawaii

As an avid seafood eater — I’m in an Oyster lovers meet up group — one thing several people told me when I mentioned I was heading to Hawaii was “You’re going to love the fresh seafood!” And with tons of poke focused restaurants recently opening up in NYC, Hawaiian cuisine was definitely on my radar. So I ate my way through Kaua’i and Waikiki, here are some of my favorite stops along the way.

Cooking Lesson – Jamaican Feast Courtesy of Prospect Plantation

While in Negril and Montego Bay this August I took a cooking lesson at Prospect Plantation in Ochos Rios with Chef Adra Hillock. I can now say I know how to clean callaloo and jerk like a pro. Check out pictures and video from the day below as well as the recipes for you to prepare your own Jamaican feast at home – watch carefully for Chef Hillock’s little secret!

That time I went to Italy and didn’t like the food…

Without hesitation I can say that one of my favorite travel destinations is Italy. In the days leading up I salivate as I plan my first meal of my go-to Italian delights and research regional cuisine that I will most certainly be trying. So, when I was recently in the Veneto region in the town of Vicenza I thought, “Yes! Venetian seafood!” The last time I was in Venice, my dining experiences were just fine. To be fair, I ate in very touristy areas and the better meal I did have was when my friend Kate and I ditched our travel companions. I was very eager for a dining upgrade during this trip, although, I wasn’t going to Venice, I was going to Vicenza a city a little more up in the hills. None the less, I had a pretty solid list of the cuisine I wanted to try. Very excited, rice & peas? Hello! My family is Jamaican. Polenta e osei? Mouthwatering…. I’m a big game bird fan. Give me a quail, pheasant or …