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Perfect Afternoon in Crema

Fan of “Call Me By Your Name?” Then you might know the Italian city of Crema! Want a list of things to do in Crema? Here’s your guide to a perfect afternoon in Crema, Italy.

Image of Girl walking in Crema with Watchtower Behind her. Light blue sky, Cathedral on Right
Historic center of Crema with the Arco del Torrazzo behind me.

Check this guide to a famously romantic Italian city.

One morning late last summer, Michele and I waited for the sky to clear and looked at maps of the Bergamo area for an afternoon jaunt on his dad’s motorcycle. Crema was perfect. What should have been a 40 minute motorcycle ride (we got lost!) took us through small towns. Imagine lazy golden Italian piazzas and babbling brooks.

Man on motorcycle in front of Basilica Santa Maria della Croce
in front of Basilica Santa Maria della Croce

It’s easy to see why Guadagnino chose the Northern Italy area and the city of Crema as a setting for his “quintessential Italy.” Crema’s landmarks aren’t on the tourists drag so while the beautiful buildings evoke Italy, it’s not the Duomo in Milan or Florence, or Piazza San Marco in Venice. Crema is along the river Serio. The center showcases charming, baroque and renaissance architecture.

So, in Milan for a little? Take an afternoon trip to Crema and here’s your perfect guide, “Call Me By Your Name” sites included.


Girl in front of Red Brick Rotunda of a Basilica
In front of Basilica Santa Maria della Croce

FIRST STOP: Basilica Santa Maria della Croce a 15 minute walk outside the city center. Built in 1490, the art in this minor basilica is a baroque dream. 

Pastry show window with chocolate mounds inside
not so ugly! Brutti ma buoni

GNOSH ON… stop at a local pasticceria and grab some brutti ma buoni to snack on while you tour the center. Trust me, these cookies are delicious.

WALK IT OFF Explore Crema’s beautiful historic center with clocktowers (like the Arco del Torrazzo) and Renaissance palaces.

Girl in Palazzo archways of Crema

MANGIA Michelin guide featured Botero on Via Ginnasio 4 think elevated traditional Italian cuisine.

Women with mask on inside a bar
Great cocktail selection at Bar Al Dómm

APERITIVO Try high design cocktail bar Al Dómm on Via XX Settembre 34. Retro art deco style and just steps away from the Duomo for great people watching.

Here for the film?

SET SIGHTINGS If you love the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’ make sure to check out the places in Crema where it was filmed. As Elio and Oliver are riding bikes into the town, they go along the main road towards Crema. This is Via Federico Pesadori & Via Patrini.

Image of Girl walking in Crema with Watchtower Behind her. Light blue sky, Cathedral on Right

When Elio and Oliver are in the town square at a little cafe, that is in Piazza Duomo. Crema’s Piazza Duomo and different angles of it is the site of many scenes in the movie including the goodbye kiss.

You can also see where Elio and Marzia chat in French, Via Marazzi and Piazza Premoli. Up for a 30 minute bike ride along the banks of the Serio? Head to Laghetto dei Riflessi where Elio and Marzia go skinny dipping. Bathing is forbidden as it’s in a bird and wildlife sanctuary. Nevertheless, this is a great place for a picnic.

Guide to Crema
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