Month: April 2015

‘N’s Nomads: Adam Mansuroglu

Adam and I have one of those PR assistant-Fashion magazine assistant “xx, b*betta have my samples” relationships that’s turned into the real deal. It’s been amazing to watch him climb the ranks of Cosmo and I know even bigger things are in his future. He’s been ridiculously hard to pin down lately for a twerk and a cocktail as he’s practically bi-coastal, styling some of the top celebs on Cosmo shoots out in LA. I caught up with Adam about his recent trip down under to Sydney fashion week to talk food, style and boys. Check out what he had to say, and pictures from his great trip below.

Shop Local Saturdays – Brooklyn Flea!

It seems that Spring is finally here to stay in NYC and for a lot of us Brooklynites that means Brooklyn Flea is back outdoors! On Saturdays from 10am – 5pm it’s in Fort Greene at 176 Lafayette and on Sundays it’s in Williamsburg at 50 Kent Ave. With 100 flea vendors and 30 food vendors at it’s peak, this is a great way to spend a Saturday. Last weekend, I went on a furniture hunt with my friend Jennifer and ooed and ahhed at all of the amazing artists. We perused vintage denim jackets & band tees and stocked up on a few vintage gold chains for $10. I got an amazing gold-tone cigarette holder that I’m going to use as a wallet, from Hook and Ladder Antiques. I also fell in love with watercolor-like Polaroid photographs from She Hit Pause Studios and eyed a 1920s armoire from restorer Christina at WhiteWashed Furniture. Follow @shehitpausestudios on instagram. Trust me, hours will pass, it’s the epitome of “the eye must wander.” Also, vendor Avian and John’s …

I’m coming for you Bar! — The Dead Sea

I don’t know about you, but after my late afternoon Masada jog, I like to cool down with a few laps in the Dead Sea. WTF?! Kind of kidding, but really, that’s a pretty close depiction of one of my days in Israel. After spending the early morning at the Bahá’í Gardens, a UNESCO world heritage site that gives Versailles’ manicured lawns a run for its money, we jetted off to Masada only to get stuck in  desert traffic, rerouted by sink holes and IDF operations. After racing up and down the mega-rock we drove to our home for the night, Herods Dead Sea: a secluded spa & resort with one of the best dinner & breakfast buffets I’ve ever had. While the facilities, like the sulfur pool and the spa were remarkable, the construction going on around the hotel was a bit of a distracting eyesore and I wondered if we got there right before the area became a resort strip. Nevertheless, it was on the Dead Sea! That evening, I started with a …

‘N’s Nomads: Maryam Khan

Over the last year I’ve been eyeing my college friend, Maryam Khan’s Facebook newsfeed green with envy (and very excited that I now had a new place to visit someone I knew). Besides going to college with me, Maryam also lived in the apartment across the hall during my brief stint in a closet-sized bedroom in Gramercy. Now her life seemed to be filled with gorgeous vistas, bright smiles and decadent mosques. So, when she announced on Facebook she would be launching a new @capturePakistan instagram account, I decided to catch up with Maryam and see what she was up to. As a side note, I was quite keen to do this piece as I believe it to be one of the fundamental principles of what ’N A Perfect World… is all about. Challenging preconceived notions, breaking the mold, going off of the beaten path.

Spring Saturdays in Brooklyn – Salvatore & Sneakers

With the sun shining and the temps in the 70s, I accompanied my friend Jennifer to Brooklyn Flea to pick out a few things for her new apartment. More on that later, in the meantime, I’m pretty pumped I got to break out my Salvatore Ferragamo oldie but goodie for the first time this year. In an extreme mix of high & low, I paired them with H&M sneakers and had some BK fun. Don’t mind the bandaid: I took a small tumble this week, eager for my favorite Indian restaurant. Bare legs, fringe and sneakers! Tis the season. Get my look with some picks below!

My Last Day in Tel Aviv: Breaking in this summer’s LWD!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts one of the best traveling decisions I made on my recent trip to Israel was to change my flight, extending my time. On my last day I woke up with one thing on my itinerary: to wander. With the sun shining and a promise of a gorgeous day of sightseeing in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, I was excited to finally wear my new white lace Maje dress. So gorgeous and ladylike, with my sun worn Castañer espadrilles, I felt very Roman Holiday parading down Rothschild Boulevard and on gorgeous streets like Montefiore and Balfour. Nearby one of Tel Aviv’s main market, Carmel, is Keren Hateimanim, or the Yemenite Vineyard. A neighborhood that existed before the city itself and is quickly becoming one of the trendiest, the Yemenite Vineyard is a beautiful, simple neighborhood with a great deal of family owned restaurants. The Library Bar at the Norman. The Library Bar is a stand out. The stylish and comfy decor transfers you to a 1950s gentlemen’s club …

‘N’s Nomads: Loren Stender

While on my recent trip to Israel, I decided to change my flight and stay in Tel Aviv for a few extra days. During my time in Israel, I was treated to beautiful hotels throughout the country, but there was no place I adored as much as my friend Loren Stender’s stunning apartment that he shares with his sweetheart dog, Oscar. Loren and his girlfriend Meaghan’s attention to detail and eye for interiors is impeccable, with every corner of the apartment telling a story about their past travels, adventures and even family art. Much of the furniture that I loved was actually from Loren’s previous time living in Pakistan. I’m so thrilled to launch ’N’s Nomads with Loren! We had a great chat about his time in Pakistan. Check it out below with a few of Loren’s pics from his time there.

Spring Saturdays in Brooklyn – Hat Hunt

For a New Yorker, I have an exorbitant amount of wanderlust, in fact I’m sometimes paralyzed with fear at the notion of being tied down to the frenetic city.  I loved growing up in the NYC, wouldn’t trade it for the world in fact but I’m a huge advocate of getting out there (clearly, if you’ve been on this site). Polarizing statement coming in 3…2…1…. People that have the means and opportunity to do so, but do not travel are dull — I edited myself ;). I can’t imagine living anywhere else … in the United States, but there are so many other places around the world that I am crazy about. But when I walk around Brooklyn, all of that changes. See, I’m a Brooklyn girl. And I think that says more than enough. I’m a huge advocate of my neighborhood. It’s a real neighborhood, there’s Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, and I know my neighbors and regulars at my local bar. I can’t wait to share my Crown Heights (and Brooklyn) love with you in …

People of Jerusalem – a Photo Diary

Jerusalem is a mecca where so many different religions intersect and in no way is this more apparent than the people. The old city is divided into pretty distinct quarters, the Armenian Quarter, Christian Quarter, Jewish Quarter and Muslim Quarter, each teeming with life and at times, fraught with tension. And each, attracting millions of religious pilgrims each year. Makes for great people watching. Click through below as I people watch through all four quarters.