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‘N’s Nomads: Adam Mansuroglu

Adam & the Mercedes

Adam & a 1970 280SL Mercedes

Adam and I have one of those PR assistant-Fashion magazine assistant “xx, b*betta have my samples” relationships that’s turned into the real deal. It’s been amazing to watch him climb the ranks of Cosmo and I know even bigger things are in his future. He’s been ridiculously hard to pin down lately for a twerk and a cocktail as he’s practically bi-coastal, styling some of the top celebs on Cosmo shoots out in LA.

I caught up with Adam about his recent trip down under to Sydney fashion week to talk food, style and boys. Check out what he had to say, and pictures from his great trip below.

’N: Where are you from? / Where did you grow up?
Adam: I’m a born and raised New Yorker. Brooklyn and Murray Hill. So New York has always been my favorite playground.

’N: Where do you live now?
Adam: Brooklyn. It’s a quiet break from the streets of Midtown where I work. The new cool restaurants and family owned businesses give charm to the borough. The tourists can keep Manhattan.

’N: Do you have to travel a lot for work?
Adam: I’m constantly in LA for photo shoots. It’s easier for celebrities and it’s perfect for shooting swim issues in the winter months. Other occasional press trips take me to fun locations.

’N: In your opinion, what country is killing it in the fashion game right now?
Adam: I’ve got the Aussies on my mind so I would love to bring attention to how they keep it cool in endless summer weather. They master light layers and all white looks with their golden tans and sun bleached hair. The women look like goddesses!

’N: So, you recently had a jaunt to Australia! Where were you?
Adam: I was flown out to Sydney for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia! Myself, and a group of international fashionistas like Vanessa from the Haute Pursuit, Godfrey Deeny and Leaf Greener had the delight of taking in local designers on the rise.  Hanging in the beautiful city was a major plus.

’N: What was your favorite show?
Adam: It’s hard to chose. Sydney has amazing contemporary designers like By Johnny and Bec & Bridge that should be in every girl’s closet. Sexy with style, they are perfect for the 20-something to wear for a hot night out. But the winner was Matcheviski. The craftsmanship and jaw dropping elegant fashions were a total surprise for me. Second would be Gemma Ward opening the Ellery show that kicked off the week.

’N: How were the Ozzie boys?
Adam: I mean every single New York girl needs to import a husband from Sydney. They were beautiful. Especially the boys handing out water at the shows. Beautiful faces with rugged beach bods and glowing sun kissed skin. I asked several to marry me on the spot. Plus the accent is swoon worthy. If you love a surfer then hit up Bondi Beach ASAP.

’N: For a week in Sydney, what are 5 packing essentials?
Adam: A swim suit to start. It’s suppose to be their fall and temperatures still were good for the beach bumming. Westward Leaning sunglasses, moisturizer, a portable phone charger and sunscreen. Bring a extra big suitcase or two to stop up on local fashions from Paddington.

’N: Did you have any stand out typically Australian cuisine? Tell me about it.
Adam: My trip was packed with shows so I didn’t get to go off schedule too much, but the fresh seafood is what Sydney is known for. My hotel Pier One Sydney Harbour had the most amazing tuna tacos while looking over the water or have fine dining service at Icebergs while looking over Bondi Beach and the famous pool. You can watch ocean waves crashing into it at high tide. For me it was all about the views. There are so many good restaurants I have a list ready for my next trip.

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