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The Really Forbidden Fruit

I can’t think of a better way to get me amped to try something than to tell me not to and with the No Durian signs populating the mass transit and hotels in Singapore, I was pretty curious about the fruit. I was excited when Iris, my guide said we were going to the Geylang area, Singapore’s red light district (which is as harmless of a red light district as I’ve ever seen), to try Durian from a roadside vendor.

Perfect Fact from Dual Citizen – The Real Story Behind “African” Prints

I thought I’d share a super interesting fact I learned from Ola about African prints. I’m a big fan of prints and definitely cringe when I see one of my favorite brands, Stella Jean, lumped into a “tribal” trend story. But did you know that the term “African prints” isn’t that much better of a term to use?

10 Minute Editorial with the Min Wu collection

I can’t wait to share my amazing experiences at the Origins Fair with Not Just A Label with my ‘N A Perfect World… audience. The fair re-energized me and reminded me why I liked to work with emerging designers. These people were not only inspiring and talented but they also had their affairs in order and were burgeoning ethical business owners. One of the designers that I formed a bond with was London-based, Min Wu. I have some great content with Min coming soon, and trust me, this Vogue Italia darling is hilarious as she is talent. During the last moments of Origins, while I was packing up my booth, Min came over with my favorite skirt from her collection. I dug into my suitcase for shoes while Min found a top. After changing in the booth, we pinned the samples (a stylist is always prepared!), ran outside and there happened to be an Italian fire brigade. Voilà… we had a casual editorial. 😉 Here’s a quick outtake from my upcoming interview with Min!

‘N’s Nomads: #87DaysofVintage with Kyleigh Kühn

You may recognize those piercing eyes from a fashion campaign or magazine but upon first meeting Kyleigh, I can guarantee you’ll walk away feeling one thing: happy. That genuinely happy feeling that makes you think, “Wow, some people are pretty awesome.” Whether it’s a late night dance party where she’s breaking it down Cali-style or an event raising awareness for one of her philanthropic endeavors, Kyleigh is in a perpetual state of paying it forward. Her drive to do good is contagious. In a special edition of ’N’s Nomads, in  honor of Kyleigh’s birthday, I caught up with her about her latest campaign, #87daysofvintage. ’N: Where are you from? Kyleigh: Marin County, California –15 mins North of the Golden Gate.  I also lived in Alaska for 3 years as a tot. ’N: What did you study at Berkley and how does it impact your work now? Kyleigh: I studied Peace and Conflict Studies.  We focused heavily on structure vs agency–identifying what systems and beliefs are held within society and imagining ways you can exercise your …

‘N’s Nomads: Loren Stender

While on my recent trip to Israel, I decided to change my flight and stay in Tel Aviv for a few extra days. During my time in Israel, I was treated to beautiful hotels throughout the country, but there was no place I adored as much as my friend Loren Stender’s stunning apartment that he shares with his sweetheart dog, Oscar. Loren and his girlfriend Meaghan’s attention to detail and eye for interiors is impeccable, with every corner of the apartment telling a story about their past travels, adventures and even family art. Much of the furniture that I loved was actually from Loren’s previous time living in Pakistan. I’m so thrilled to launch ’N’s Nomads with Loren! We had a great chat about his time in Pakistan. Check it out below with a few of Loren’s pics from his time there.