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Learning to Dance in the Rain


This blog is primarily about travel. It’s no secret I love experiencing other cultures. When I travel, I’m pretty easy going in terms of rolling with the punches, not letting the weather get me down. In fact, inclement weather sometimes adds to the experience.
As I mentioned in my post about a trip to Venice, it is twice as romantic with foreboding grey skies and fog. You haven’t seen anything like the streets of Paris in the rain and you haven’t kissed until you’ve done it under a palapa during a downpour on the streets of a small surf town in Mexico. I would even streak through the forests during summer camp, exclusively when it thunder-stormed. But all too often, when I’m home, caught in the grind of my hometown I forget to just appreciate things.
Vivian Greene said, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

My grandmother loved the rain, so in her honour, I took a little work break and appreciated the storm this afternoon.

photos by Simone Carter




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IMG_6357 with text copytrench, Michael Kors. dress, Organic by John Patrick. boots, Hunter.

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