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Zika Free Getaways!

Friends often ask me for advice in planning their New Years trips and one thing that’s often come up is avoiding Zika. Whether child-planning or not being able to be sick during award season, there are tons of very practical reasons to avoid Zika during your holiday travels. Here are the top 10 places for you to spend the holidays Zika-free!

My Weekend in Nevis for Fathom Way to Go

I had a pretty chill weekend in Nevis and I wrote about it for one of my favorite travel sites, Fathom Way to Go. I’m going to be posting a photo diary from this Nevis trip soon so stay tuned. While I hated waking up at the crack of dawn to see the start of the marathon, it was pretty incredible to see the island waking up and to catch this beautiful shot of Nevis Peak from the beach. Here’s a snippet from the article. Read the rest on Fathom for more about which British Royal, cuisine and the most important thing you should do while in Nevis.   There are few places better suited to “getting away from it all” than Nevis. You’ll find the natural beauty of the West Indies, some of the nicest luxury hotels and restaurants in the Caribbean, and absolute discretion — it served as a refuge for one of the most notable members of the British royal family (but more on that later).