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23 Places to Travel in 2023

Here are 23 of the best places to travel in 2023. 2022 was great! I explored parts of Italy and the US I’ve never been before. Checked a bucket list world wonder off my list with Petra. I saw Atlantic sunsets in one of my favorite countries in the world, Portugal. And ate lots of memory-writing meals. Oh, and I got married in Italy so I was able to plan the best group trip ever! I’m ready to continue our adventures in this new year. Here’s my perfect bucket list for 2023: 23 places I’d love to go to and places I can’t wait to visit again. 1. Yucatán Peninsula Wakanda Forever! I need to explore more of the Yucatán peninsula, I’m usually on the other side of Mexic. I’m manifesting beautiful cenotes in my outlook this year and I’ve never been to Merida! 2. Kigali Speaking of Wakanda, with Rwanda being one of the countries that inspired the movie, I need to be immersed in the afrofuturism of Kigali. Rwanda is more than gorillas. …

Walking in a street in Taormina with pink flowers cascading down

Featured in Drew Barrymore’s DREW magazine

It was an honor for me to be featured in the Holiday 2021 issue of DREW, Drew Barrymore’s magazine. It’s always amazing to have my work published and be recognized for my work. I also love any opportunity to showcase my love of Italy! In this package edited by Jeralyn Gerba, the magazine round up perfect vacations for families, solo travel, couples etc and I’m discussing Taormina, Sicily and why it’s the perfect holiday destination for couples. Taormina is where Michele and I were engaged and it was wonderful to be able to share the photos from such a wonderful time in my life. Check out my full page spread and my photography actually opens the package as well! Here’s the cover. Look out for Drew Barrymore’s DREW magazine on your newsstands!

The Perfect Weekend In Western Kentucky

Bourbon and Bards, Caves and Corvettes. If you just thought of fried chicken, you’re missing out. Here’s a guide to a weekend in Bowling Green and Louisville, Kentucky. Something I’m constantly reminding myself is how big America is. As a stereotypical coastal person, I’ve far from been to every state in this great country so I happily accepted an invitation from the Kentucky Tourism board to visit. Let’s shoot a Western! Start in Bowling Green. Downtown Bowling Green’s main square and Fountain Park is straight out of a movie set. Western style colorful buildings, an old-school theatre, the Capitol Arts Center, dating back to the 1890s, and a beautiful park with ornate cast iron fences with romantic southern curlicues. I went in the early morning and there was a stunning morning mist and suddenly the square came alive with Bowling Greeners starting their day. While there, grab a coffee at Spencer’s on College street. Where to stay. The Hotel Sync, an exec suite apartment style living on Corvette Dr, is right next door to the …

Bright colors with text saying Could Covid Free Flights Restart the Travel Industry and Rome airport with Covid-Tested Flights

Covid-19 Tested Flights Expand

The CDC is expanding the range of Covid-19 tested flights. Starting on January 26th all air passengers entering the United States will have to provide a negative Covid-19 test. The test must be taken 3 days before entering the United States. With the strain that seems to originate from the UK, currently, this regulation is in place for UK departing flights. By the end of the month it will expand to all international flights. At the end of 2020, I did an IGTV video on the new regulations being imposed by airlines like Delta and Alitalia for their “Covid-Free” / “Covid-Tested” flights. In 2020 the tourism industry suffered severe losses. Even with the vaccine on the horizon, the industry is struggling with solutions to make people feel safer traveling. Airlines and tourism organizations say testing is the answer and are opening testing sites at airports — though, I found the testing site at terminal 5 JFK to be wildly expensive (over $300 for a rapid test). They are adding test results to passenger records and …

Nneya drinking red drink with a straw Jamaican Sorrel

Perfect Recipe: Jamaican Sorrel

At my Uncle’s funeral in May, in addition to talking about his kindness and generosity, many people had a lot to say about his cooking. That’s the magic of food, breaking bread. It brings people together. It’s why most of my fondest memories of my travels are centers around meals. It’s also why I’m so close to my Jamaican heritage. I often wonder would I feel as Jamaican, being born here in NYC if my family didn’t eat Jamaican food? If I didn’t crave escovich fish, fish tea or curry goat? I’ve always been proud to share my Jamaican culinary heritage with others. I even shared my mom’s stuffed red snapper on here before. So as the days are getting hotter in NYC, I thought I’d share a drink that’s been cooling me down, Jamaican sorrel. Now, this isn’t my Uncle Wayne’s exact recipe — we certainly freestyle a lot in our family, but this will definitely get you started.  You definitely see this hibiscus drink a lot in the West Indies over the holidays, …