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10 African American Friendly Destinations

I encourage people of color to go out and see the world. That is the only way stereotypes can be broken. I’ve often found myself gaining access to places and situations that I know I wouldn’t necessarily have had access to if I were white. I take pride in this and happily eat up all of these moments. This all being said, here are 10 places I’ve traveled that I was particularly well received as an African American woman.

At the Oberson House of Design with Gideon and Karen Oberson

Designer Gideon Obserson is somewhat of a legend in the swimwear world. Designing womenswear for decades since the 70s, his swimsuits were the stuff that Miami Vice era dream girls were made of. While in Tel Aviv this spring, I stopped by the Oberson House of Design on Gordon street and met with the designer, and his daughter Karen.

‘N A Perfect World for – Street Art in Tel Aviv

Excited to share my recent work for with you, Why Tel Aviv Is One of Street Art’s Most Important Hubs Right Now. As I was walking around Tel Aviv, I became obsessed with the graffiti on the beautifully decaying buildings. When I came back I knew I absolutely had to share it and luckily my editor Abby at Paper is into dope art scenes as much as I am. Understandably for brevity, I didn’t get to include nearly as many artists and go in depth about the scene.  For all you graffiti heads, check back on ‘N A Perfect World… in a month or so where I’ll publish the full unedited article!

My Last Day in Tel Aviv: Breaking in this summer’s LWD!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts one of the best traveling decisions I made on my recent trip to Israel was to change my flight, extending my time. On my last day I woke up with one thing on my itinerary: to wander. With the sun shining and a promise of a gorgeous day of sightseeing in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, I was excited to finally wear my new white lace Maje dress. So gorgeous and ladylike, with my sun worn Castañer espadrilles, I felt very Roman Holiday parading down Rothschild Boulevard and on gorgeous streets like Montefiore and Balfour. Nearby one of Tel Aviv’s main market, Carmel, is Keren Hateimanim, or the Yemenite Vineyard. A neighborhood that existed before the city itself and is quickly becoming one of the trendiest, the Yemenite Vineyard is a beautiful, simple neighborhood with a great deal of family owned restaurants. The Library Bar at the Norman. The Library Bar is a stand out. The stylish and comfy decor transfers you to a 1950s gentlemen’s club …

‘N’s Nomads: Loren Stender

While on my recent trip to Israel, I decided to change my flight and stay in Tel Aviv for a few extra days. During my time in Israel, I was treated to beautiful hotels throughout the country, but there was no place I adored as much as my friend Loren Stender’s stunning apartment that he shares with his sweetheart dog, Oscar. Loren and his girlfriend Meaghan’s attention to detail and eye for interiors is impeccable, with every corner of the apartment telling a story about their past travels, adventures and even family art. Much of the furniture that I loved was actually from Loren’s previous time living in Pakistan. I’m so thrilled to launch ’N’s Nomads with Loren! We had a great chat about his time in Pakistan. Check it out below with a few of Loren’s pics from his time there.

“Up in the Air” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Today is First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum in my hometown and I wanted to highlight an amazing exhibit that went up in March 2015 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Tom Friedman’s “Up in the Air” installation is a mesmerizing display of 650 small sculptures of everyday items hanging in the Lightfall at the center of the new museum building. In bold, eye-catching colors, of things like a Cross, a white picket fence, bandaids, a dildo, Coors light six-pack, Friedman’s work is a transfixing commentary on consumerism and pop-culture seemingly floating in mid-air. Check out my pictures of the exhibition below and other images of this amazing art museum. There is also another captivating exhibit in their photography pavilion: a selection of the works of Robert Capa. Tel Aviv Museum of Art Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo 61332012 +972 3-607-7020