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‘N A Perfect World for SUITCASE Magazine – A Foodie’s Guide to Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv is a vibrant metropolis. However, having tried food from the region in the past, although I was excited — as I’m always thrilled to experience cultures through eating —  I didn’t have these wild expectations as I’m more of a guac than a hummus girl, pita, I could take or leave, and I banned an ex from kissing me after he grabbed felafels from a place downstairs from his apartment in the West Village. Despite all of this I was genuinely pumped as I ate my way through Tel Aviv. Each meal was better than the last and I’m writing this in NYC, I’m hardcore craving a boureka.

Check out my food guide to Tel Aviv for SUITCASE magazine and book your next trip to Tel Aviv. Chicken liver pita from Miznon, diabetes fighting goat cheese, wasabi flavoured sorbet… You’re welcome ;).

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