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I’m coming for you Bar! — The Dead Sea

photo by Megan Snedden

photo by Megan Snedden

I don’t know about you, but after my late afternoon Masada jog, I like to cool down with a few laps in the Dead Sea. WTF?!

Kind of kidding, but really, that’s a pretty close depiction of one of my days in Israel. After spending the early morning at the Bahá’í Gardens, a UNESCO world heritage site that gives Versailles’ manicured lawns a run for its money, we jetted off to Masada only to get stuck in  desert traffic, rerouted by sink holes and IDF operations. After racing up and down the mega-rock we drove to our home for the night, Herods Dead Sea: a secluded spa & resort with one of the best dinner & breakfast buffets I’ve ever had.

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While the facilities, like the sulfur pool and the spa were remarkable, the construction going on around the hotel was a bit of a distracting eyesore and I wondered if we got there right before the area became a resort strip. Nevertheless, it was on the Dead Sea!

That evening, I started with a sunset knee-deep stroll and I could feel the buoyancy immediately. The water, extremely high in salinity and rich with minerals, creates an almost oil-like layer on your skin when you emerge. Seeing this place as the sun set reminded me of renderings of Mars: bare, crater pocked mesas with water reflecting the oranges and purples of the sunsets. Such a privilege.

The next morning, after a hefty breakfast and not waiting two hours to swim, I took my full body dip and mud bath. I wore jellies that I bought for the trip because water shoes are kind of dorky and the hotel waterfront had some pretty rough stones. It was amazing: relaxing, rejuvenating and a surreal experience. The Dead Sea’s healing properties are known throughout the world — I think I’ve discovered Bar Refaeli’s secret. After that morning, my skin was glowing for a week, my hair was conditioned, full of shine and I felt really zen.

Middle finger to all of my Waukeela camp swim counselors that said I would never float! It’s all good baby babayyy.

*Word to the wise: do NOT shave the morning or night before going into the Dead Sea. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

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