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Spring Saturdays in Brooklyn – Hat Hunt

For a New Yorker, I have an exorbitant amount of wanderlust, in fact I’m sometimes paralyzed with fear at the notion of being tied down to the frenetic city.  I loved growing up in the NYC, wouldn’t trade it for the world in fact but I’m a huge advocate of getting out there (clearly, if you’ve been on this site). Polarizing statement coming in 3…2…1…. People that have the means and opportunity to do so, but do not travel are dull — I edited myself ;).

I can’t imagine living anywhere else … in the United States, but there are so many other places around the world that I am crazy about. But when I walk around Brooklyn, all of that changes. See, I’m a Brooklyn girl. And I think that says more than enough. I’m a huge advocate of my neighborhood. It’s a real neighborhood, there’s Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, and I know my neighbors and regulars at my local bar. I can’t wait to share my Crown Heights (and Brooklyn) love with you in the upcoming weeks.

Mornings like this one make me think, “I might just stay a while.” I happened to come across a picture of Cody Simpson on my friend’s Instagram. I had to have the hat he was wearing. So I decided to extend my usual Saturday morning stroll to the farmer’s market and head to Goorin Bros. in Park Slope. Check out my mini photo diary below wandering through my neighborhood, Crown Heights and the two next to it, Prospect Heights and Park Slope.

Hey, if I can’t be in Paris, at least America’s own Champs-Élysées is a few blocks away!


Some of my hat selects from Goorin Bros.

Goorin Bros Park Slope – 195B Fifth Ave. 718-783-4287


  1. Even after a year of living here, I still just get so giddy walking down Eastern Parkway. It’s so unlike many of the streets in the rest of the city (Brooklyn, even). And I’m even more stoked now because it’s about to get super lush with green leaves.

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