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What to Wear: July 4th Edition

My wardrobe’s colour palette definitely skews patriotic — particularly blue and white. It’s hard to get me to turn down a blue and white summer dress. As for red? There’s something about my skin tone and red, I look damn good, it gives me confidence, like, stop-traffic-confidence. Naturally July 4th and Bastille day are my favorite holidays to dress for. Fireworks, summer glows, bare skin and red, white and blue. I can’t think of anything better. Last minute shopping for the long weekend? Check out my picks below! Shot by Simone Carter in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Shop Local Saturdays – Brooklyn Flea!

It seems that Spring is finally here to stay in NYC and for a lot of us Brooklynites that means Brooklyn Flea is back outdoors! On Saturdays from 10am – 5pm it’s in Fort Greene at 176 Lafayette and on Sundays it’s in Williamsburg at 50 Kent Ave. With 100 flea vendors and 30 food vendors at it’s peak, this is a great way to spend a Saturday. Last weekend, I went on a furniture hunt with my friend Jennifer and ooed and ahhed at all of the amazing artists. We perused vintage denim jackets & band tees and stocked up on a few vintage gold chains for $10. I got an amazing gold-tone cigarette holder that I’m going to use as a wallet, from Hook and Ladder Antiques. I also fell in love with watercolor-like Polaroid photographs from She Hit Pause Studios and eyed a 1920s armoire from restorer Christina at WhiteWashed Furniture. Follow @shehitpausestudios on instagram. Trust me, hours will pass, it’s the epitome of “the eye must wander.” Also, vendor Avian and John’s …

Spring Saturdays in Brooklyn – Hat Hunt

For a New Yorker, I have an exorbitant amount of wanderlust, in fact I’m sometimes paralyzed with fear at the notion of being tied down to the frenetic city.  I loved growing up in the NYC, wouldn’t trade it for the world in fact but I’m a huge advocate of getting out there (clearly, if you’ve been on this site). Polarizing statement coming in 3…2…1…. People that have the means and opportunity to do so, but do not travel are dull — I edited myself ;). I can’t imagine living anywhere else … in the United States, but there are so many other places around the world that I am crazy about. But when I walk around Brooklyn, all of that changes. See, I’m a Brooklyn girl. And I think that says more than enough. I’m a huge advocate of my neighborhood. It’s a real neighborhood, there’s Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, and I know my neighbors and regulars at my local bar. I can’t wait to share my Crown Heights (and Brooklyn) love with you in …