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Video with The New Regulars

The power of social media. Via Instagram and my series of posts about Lima, Peru, I connected with Lima native now Brooklynite Luis Salazar and his team at The New Regulars, a local digital platform featuring leadership, creativity, current events and community in Crown Heights. Crown Heights is rapidly changing — sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not so good… (this place and it’s owner is the epitome of ignorance and the problems that come with gentrification and I won’t give them a google mention). It’s important that platforms like The New Regulars highlight the beauty and diversity this community has to offer. It’s the new-age local newspaper and I really hope to see this platform grow!

It was a great interview. I even teared up a bit talking about my grandmother — that’s the legacy I want to continue

I always say, I’m a global citizen, a native NYer, but NYC is the not the be all end all for me. When I’m away on my travels my favorite parts of home that I miss… 90% of that is deeply rooted in Brooklyn — my family, my grandmother’s garden, biking to V’s in BedStuy, late nights at Crown Inn with Jenn. Check out The New Regulars for a glimpse of the place I call home.


behind the scenes photos by BRANDON PILCHER

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