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Camel Burgers in Marrakesh

OK… so it’s not exactly local eats. Let’s call it an east meets west fusion. Clock Café, with locations in both the Moroccan cities of Fez and Marrakesh is kind of a tourist spot. Sure, you’ll see a lot of camera-happy vloggers documenting their food, or a family of tourists on the patio taking in the breeze and escaping the scorching North African afternoon sun. But you’ll also see a hip crowd of expats and local artists having an afternoon tea, or planning an event. The Clock Café calls itself a cultural space and with it’s wall of murals and full monthly diary of happenings it’s easy to see why. But yea, we’re tourists, and Marrakesh was decidedly the most tourist leg of our journey, so we came for the camel burgers. Yes, camels are apart of North African cuisine but no, burgers are not. My friend Naomi had a camel tangine for example and perhaps that would have been a more authentic was to experience camel meat. But, I’d like to argue that cultures evolve! And during this trip we saw A LOT of different sides of Morocco and the fusion seen at Clock Café is another example of it! So, check out what we thought of camel burgers below. Have you ever had camel meat before? Let me know what you think!

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