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Flushing Food Crawl – Part 1

One of the coolest things about living in New York City is that it’s a foodie’s paradise. It’s not just the world-renowned restaurants but NYC is a melting pot, home to so many cultures and ethnic groups that have made the United States their home and almost all of these groups have their own food scenes in their enclaves of the city. To celebrate NYC and how growing up in this back drop has informed my taste palate, thoughts on culture and ultimately lead to ’N A Perfect World… I’ll be exploring my home town through neighborhood food crawls. The first: Flushing, Queens!

Alistair and I getting bubble tea in the Golden Shopping Mall.

Alistair and I getting bubble tea in the Golden Shopping Mall.

Flushing’s been getting attention lately with Queens Night Market starting this past April: over a hundred vendors, delicious food, art, performances from 6pm – midnight every Saturday from now until October. Get there!

A 10 year old girl of Indian descent, who I recently interviewed, gushed about how much she loved living in Flushing and called it a “porridge pot.” I’m going to go with that, Flushing is a delicious porridge pot filled with spices. I haven’t been to this neighborhood since high-school, so my friend, Alistair, and I decided to make a mini afternoon trip of it and visit our old friend, Lei and his wife, Maria in their hood. Lei grew up in Flushing, was born in China in the Yunnan province and is a fellow foodie and traveler so I can’t think of a better guide.

Lei eating steamed dumplings on the corner of Kissena Blvd and Main Street

Lei eating steamed dumplings on the corner of Kissena Blvd and Main Street

“It’s China-like!” that’s how Lei and Maria describe Flushing and I totally got it as Alistair and I drove into Main Street. The crowds, the signs, the sights and the smells, midtown NYC felt like a continent away. From squid on a stick to amazing sliced duck in steamed pork buns we had a lovely afternoon feast. I’d say a highlight for me was trying two dishes with the Ma La (麻辣) spice from the Sichuan province, beef tendon (麻辣牛筋) and Chengdu cold noodle (成都凉面). Check it our trip and read about it in the captions below!

I don’t know how you’re spending your Saturday afternoon, but here’s what I recommend — I’ll be there today! Mind you, this is part one. We just did China. Next time, as Lei said, we’ll be doing “dosas, lassis and Korean.”

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