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My interview with Vogue Italia

While in Milan this past September for fashion week, I had the pleasure of taking an aperitivo at 10 Corso Como with Vogue Italia editor, Lucia D’Angelo. We chatted about fashion, school in Milano and the person that seemingly brings the world together, Beyoncé. When Lucia interviewed me for Vogue.it, it was an absolutely honour. To be on the homepage of a magazine I grew up reading — even before I spoke Italian — and whose editorials consistently fill my inspiration tears… well… another goal checked off of an ever growing list. It’s been a fast growing year of ‘N A Perfect World; I haven’t even had the time to put up half the content that I’ve wanted to. From just an idea to this, it was wonderful to reflect with Lucia and Vogue Italia about what I have accomplished and what my next steps are. It’s important to reflect and regroup every once in a while.
Excited to share the article with you! Check it out here on Vogue.it in English or Italian!

Vogue.it - 11.16 - edit

on the homepage of Vogue Italia’s website right under Cate Blanchett!

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