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Thanks a lot Hershey’s, now we’re stuck with rubbish.

Photo courtesy of Nestle UK

Photo courtesy of Nestle UK

I came across an article in the New York Times this weekend that really annoyed me. Let’s Buy British Imports, a major importer and wholesale distributor of British goods in the US, reached a settlement with the Hershey’s company agreeing to stop import of all Cadbury’s chocolate made overseas as well as British made Kit Kat Bars, and a few other chocolate bars that were too similar (and superior) to their American counterparts. If you’ve had British chocolates, you have no doubt how much better they are; I’m partial to Smarties and Aeros.

I’ve always felt the plain Hershey’s milk chocolate bar tasted like plastic with sugar sprinkled on top. So instead of stepping it, with less chemicals and preservatives, Hershey’s just going to ban competition… Hmm…

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