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Travel Diaries: London


As I mentioned in previous posts, this time around in London, I had an incredible time exploring Chelsea as that was primarily my home base. With my trusty Oyster card, I jetted all over the city (traffic is really a bitch in London, so even with Uber being so affordable, sometimes, it’s simply not worth it). From Shoreditch to Fitzrovia, to my ever favorite, Notting Hill, I always love getting lost in London and wandering upon mews. This trip was particularly eventful, while I did the usual, shopping, Black Sheep Coffee bit, I also unsuspectingly ran a 10k bootcamp with the Midnight Runners running club (in dunks no less), I saw an old friend that I haven’t seen since high school (she just had a baby!), I saw another friend who I haven’t seen for about 8 yrs and got to visit the Gherkin building, or Batman’s lair. Every time someone asks me about moving to London, my gut reaction is “absolutely not, too gray.” But to tell you the truth, most of the time I’m in London, it’s been pretty beautiful and sunny.

Here’s a photo diary of my time in London, enjoy!

And btw, I finished the run! See below for the pic. It was actually a pretty spectacular way to see downtown London at night, Millennium Bridge, the London eye, all lit up. I didn’t have my cell phone, nothing on me, and had no idea where I was going so I had to keep up!

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