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I’m Back!

Hi guys!

It’s been a bit. I took a full month off of blogging here on While I have been creating digital content almost daily, it has lived in the faster consumption space of my Instagram. Yes, it seems ridiculous for me, as a digital creator to not take full advantage of the eyes on me and create to “grow my brand.” To me, as I processed the world coming to a halt, and went through my own trauma, short-form Instagram was all I could give publicly. I haven’t shot as much content in my apartment ever. I also have done a lot of “press” during this time, I’ve been featured in Grazia, on All the Pretty Birds, virtual career days and Bravo-lebrity lives!

It’s been a reflective time. One where I’ve connected weekly for Instagram lives with friends. (I’m going to share those on Youtube and in blog form in the next few days) We talked about issues going on around the world — why Sweden didn’t fully embraced lockdown, the racism in Guangzhou, checking in with Tamu in Italy, to name a few. They were wonderfully healing and a way I could bring you global content, without saying “hey! Look at this cool place, go here!” while the tourism, airline and hospitality industries were crippled.

I shared travel photos few and far between. I couldn’t advocate traveling at a time when upon advice from WHO and international governments, it was safer for many people to shelter-in-place. Is it responsible for me to see you dream explorations while many people’s biggest concern was their next paycheck? I know many of you can’t afford to get to a destination and self-quarantine for a few days or a week before having to come home again. I grappled with the idea of arm chair traveling — I wrote an article on Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a magazine and had a Mother’s Day Travel article furloughed. But ultimately, mentally, I wasn’t ready to flippantly share beautiful destinations and cultures that I think you should experience. Until recently.

Summer’s Cancelled.

Hey now, summer’s my favorite season. My birthday. A time when cities and beach towns are pulsating with life. There’s even a new Italian Netflix show, SummerTime. I love a steamy, Spike Lee hazed summer in Brooklyn — but no one does beachside summer like the Italians. As a people, it’s almost as if they were really made to fully blossom in the warmer months and mass exported the beauty promos of their culture for warmer weather. Dolce Vita isn’t happening in the winter. Giorgio Armani’s perma-tan doesn’t fit with January. Vespa cruising isn’t for snowy sludgy Milan days. So I was inspired for content.

Much of my Italian travels are slow travels: we take the car or a train. This is the way I think a lot of people, internationally are going to be traveling in the near future. I have to go back to Italy eventually — I’m not really looking forward to the plane ride. Moreso out of concern that I may contract Covid_19 and be a carrier to my loved ones. But I am looking forward to summer in Italy and being able to stimulate an industry that’s taken a major hit with this: tourism.

I travel for the people. I was reminded by that and rejuvenated looking at photos from this past summer when I came across this woman. I can’t wait to share what Northern Italian summers look like with you. Have you seen Call Me By Your Name? It’s actually set near where we’re based. Summer’s in Italy can be magical, and I hope you can see them through my eyes.


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