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Sedona Energy Vortexes – A Guide to Perfect Vibrations

Here’s a trip to consider for the start of your new year: the Sedona energy vortexes. Sometimes you travel for enlightenment or peace of mind. To find yourself. This can happen on any trip but there are certain parts of the world that are known as spiritual centers to “speed up” the process.

Pilgrimages to Mecca. Seekers in India. The metaphysical vibrations with the Sedona energy vortexes.

Woman Looking over Bell Rock Trailhead in Sedona Red Rock scenery behind her
Looking over Bell Rock Trailhead in Sedona

Long before the psychic Page Bryant named the energy vortexes of Sedona in 1980s, Native Americans recognized Sedona as a spiritual and healing center. The Yuvapai, Navajos, Hopi and Tonto Apaches only used the land as sites for sacred ceremonies. They came to heal in the red rocks of Sedona. Within these energy vibrations they found their hearts.

But I’m not into all of this New Age stuff

That’s why Sedona is a perfect trip. You don’t necessarily subscribe to visiting a place because an 80s psychic says it’s a hotspot? Understandable. But I definitely wouldn’t call centuries old Native American traditions, “new age.” If nothing else, there is a power in connecting with the intense beauty of mother nature in an area like Sedona. Come to the Sedona energy vortexes without expectations, without preconceived notions, only attuned with yourself and your feelings and they may benefit you more than most seekers.

So what is an energy vortex?

Let’s think in the metaphysical. Vortexes are places of heightened energy. Almost as though in these Sedona energy vortexes, there is a crack line in the earth.

While in Sedona with AdventureElevate 2021 I went on a vortex tour with Crystal Starrweaver. She explained the Sedona energy vortexes’s alignment with our chakras – energy points in the body that connect to our emotional and physical wellbeing. For example, Table Top mesa is the solar plexus chakra of Sedona. Cathedral (a vortex) is considered the sacral part of Sedona; Bell Rock, the root chakra.

Crystal Starrweaver Leading Ceremony in Sedona Energy Vortexes
Crystal Starrweaver Leading Ceremony in Sedona Energy Vortexes

Can you feel it when you’re in the Sedona energy vortexes?

Yes. Some people feel it physically. A tingling sensation. Heightened energy. Mental clarity. Peace. Some people meditate while there. Others perform a ceremonial offering with tobacco signifying gratitude and peace.

Sacred Tree near Bellrock Sedona
Sacred Tree near Bell Rock Sedona

Pro tip: Have we been saging wrong?

The practice of saging has gained popularity in recent years. Michele does it, even my Italian sister-in-law gave me sage for Christmas. Burning sage is an ancient spiritual ritual practiced by the Lakotas, Romans, Egyptians etc. One of the goals of smudging is the cleanse the negative energy from a space. But Crystal pointed out, once that space is cleansed, what’s there? Our group was silent. Once you’ve saged, use something else to bring in positive energy, comfort or productivity like lavender or palo santo.

Red Rock Canyon Sedona Energy Vortex
Red Rock Canyon Sedona Energy Vortex

So, not sure you’re into energy work? I’d still suggest you go to Sedona, go for the beauty, take in the good vibes, learn about ancient practices and if good intentions catch you, well, why not?

BellRock Energy Vortex
Bell Rock Energy Vortex

While visiting Sedona, I stayed at The Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. Here is the view from the parking lot.

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