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Video: Cuba Q&A on Periscope Finale

So Chanel does Havana with their latest resort collection and the Kardashians are the latest in the celeb onslaught heading down to the island of Cuba. Want to plan Cuba for your next vacation? Check out my previous videos on how to get there and more details about planning your trip. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. It’s hard to please everyone and Khloé Kardashian just got slammed on her Instagram for posing under a sign that says Fidel and graffiti championing the revolution. Never thought I’d say it, but Obama and Khloé had similar plights, when people slammed him for giving a speech at Plaza de la Revolución in Havana, under an image of Che Guevara. Watch the video for my thoughts on that, the homes and my wrap up to what was an awesome Q&A with you guys!

Fashion Week Reality Check from NJAL

In the decadence of fashion month, with its medicinal injection of thrill, fancy and indulgence, celebrating your own hard work as a designer can be somewhat hard to swallow. Designers might not be global policy decision makers, but we are all humans with the capacity to activate change, raise awareness and pique compassion. From donating to a charity to volunteering – NJAL looks to designers aiding the refugee crisis in practical and accessible ways.

‘N’s Nomads: Maryam Khan

Over the last year I’ve been eyeing my college friend, Maryam Khan’s Facebook newsfeed green with envy (and very excited that I now had a new place to visit someone I knew). Besides going to college with me, Maryam also lived in the apartment across the hall during my brief stint in a closet-sized bedroom in Gramercy. Now her life seemed to be filled with gorgeous vistas, bright smiles and decadent mosques. So, when she announced on Facebook she would be launching a new @capturePakistan instagram account, I decided to catch up with Maryam and see what she was up to. As a side note, I was quite keen to do this piece as I believe it to be one of the fundamental principles of what ’N A Perfect World… is all about. Challenging preconceived notions, breaking the mold, going off of the beaten path.

People of Jerusalem – a Photo Diary

Jerusalem is a mecca where so many different religions intersect and in no way is this more apparent than the people. The old city is divided into pretty distinct quarters, the Armenian Quarter, Christian Quarter, Jewish Quarter and Muslim Quarter, each teeming with life and at times, fraught with tension. And each, attracting millions of religious pilgrims each year. Makes for great people watching. Click through below as I people watch through all four quarters.

Election Day in Tel Aviv

From memes of Obama and Sarkozy’s “you can’t sit with us” stance on Netanyahu, to almost fantastical tales of Israel’s Iron Domes and cross-border smuggling tunnels in Gaza that have filled daily international headlines for the past years, it’s hard to be oblivious to what’s going on between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East. My most recent trip to Israel and my time spent in Tel Aviv during this week’s elections further served to open my eyes to what Israelis, especially young Israelis are facing every day.

What Kind of Traveller are You?

Welcome to ’N A Perfect World… After years of making travel guides for friends, contributing to amazing publications and sharing my stories via texts and long-winded emails, I’ve decided to create a home base for my passion of exploration. And with that, in a whirlwind — like most things in my life — ’N A Perfect World… is born. Here, you’ll soon find a curated intersection of travel, fashion and geopolitics & socialization inspired by the global citizen lifestyle of the millennial. From up-and-coming artisans to locales, ’N A Perfect World… will invite you off the beaten path. Speaking of “off the beaten path,” the best way to really enjoy your travels is to figure out, “what kind of traveler are you?” Are you an all-inclusive person? Do you spend weeks before your vacation pouring over travel books (and hopefully my site 😉 ) and planning your vacation down to the second? Would you prefer to hop on a plane and wing-it? Do your friends preface emails with, “where in the world are you now?” …