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Nneya in front of Pendry Christmas Tree

A Perfect 2021 Travel-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

Here is a 2021 perfect travel-inspired holiday gift guide for the wanderer in your life. We’re in the throws of the holiday season with a week left until Christmas. If you’re anything like me, shopping is easy breezy and then last minute express orders. People often wonder what to get for travelers as they spend time touring the world and seeing cool stuff. Well, sometimes, it’s just the little things. Really, they’ll appreciate the travel size. Here’s our perfect 2021 holiday gift guide. If they have a travel blanket. Get them a big, cozy cashmere scarf! So I have a travel blanket. Actually, a beautiful Chanel one. But I hardly use it. Why? Because I more often than not live from my carry on. And my “personal item” is a tote that’s jammed packed with my laptop, camera and essentials. So while my travel blanket is super cozy, I usually travel with my SCAGLIONE knit duster and a SCAGLIONE cashmere scarf. It’s comfy, doesn’t take up as much space as a blanket and I’ll wear …