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Guide to Medellín for Fathom!

Anyone who has spoken to me about my travels recently knows that I have a new love affair with Colombia. There will definitely be more posts on the blog coming soon about my amazing adventures in South America this winter. But in the meantime, wet your palates with my guide to Medellín for Fathom! Colombia is having a moment. Between talk of Netflix’s Narcos and Steve Harvey’s unfortunate blunder at the Miss Universe pageant, hardly a day goes by without the Latin American country being referenced. Drug trafficking and beautiful women aside, there is so much more to naturally rich Colombia than pop culture may lead you to believe, including Medellín, a city positioning itself as the next art and design capital of South America.

Vicenza, Italy: What I Wore

While in Vicenza for the Origin Passions and Beliefs fair although I had pretty long hours at the trade show, I was able to spend some time wandering around the town of Vicenza. I can’t wait to show you the sights in my Vicenza city views photo diary but in the meantime, shop what I wore! Get my look with some picks below! Here’s a peak of what I wore while on-duty at the trade fair. Mostly some of my favorite SS15 looks from the client I was representing, Azede Jean-Pierre.