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Colorful mural in downtown Baltimore feature jazz great Billie Holiday and the Royal Theatre

U.S. Black History Destinations for Business Insider

In honor of Black History Month, Business Insider tapped me to round up great U.S. destinations to learn about Black history. Or, as I like to make note, great U.S. destinations to visit for a well rounded view of American history. I can’t note enough that African American history is American history. I’m very proud of this story. To combat today’s racial ignorance, we need to acknowledge and remedy past mistakes in American history. Only then can we truly begin to heal. While this list highlights some places, like plantations, that can be uncomfortable reminders, it also celebrates Black joy and perseverance featuring Black owned restaurants and hotels. We hope you use this as inspiration to explore and to learn about the beautiful, and not-so-beautiful, history of our country. From colorful beach communities you didn’t know had a Black history to majority Black cities making a comeback as small businesses thrive, we’ve rounded up great destinations that highlight the historical and present-day contributions of African Americans in the US. And stay tuned because I’m going …