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Podcast: Never Date a Traveler – Lima

“Damn, I should have brought my tripod.” It was my first day touring around Lima, Peru and I was checking out the beautiful murals of the Barranco art district. Some of the walls were truly incredible and I wanted to get some shots in front of them. Eh, I rarely ask strangers, I’d rather just do it myself. But this time around ended up being different.

Podcast: Never Date a Traveler – Sayulita

This next fellow traveler met Sayulita Nneya as I was figuring out ‘N A Perfect World. It was a time of transition in my life and seemingly his; it was like kismet when we met and it was one of those moments that I’ll be reliving the passion for years to come, until I’m a little old lady, like Rose from Titanic. Here’s the latest of my Never Date a Traveler podcasts…

Podcast: Never Date A Traveler – Loano

It started with Grace Jones at a gala in Milan and ended in Italy’s Boca Raton. In between, there was a possible robbery, a strike and that glorious feeling of why not that can only be captured by Italian sprezzatura. Listen to this week’s edition of Never Date a Traveler and find out how I really detox after Fashion Month.

New Podcast! Never Date a Traveler

I’m excited to announce I’ve finally gotten around to launching my new podcast, Never Date a Traveler, violable on Soundcloud and, as of today, on iTunes! Which is pretty awesome, someone can choose to listen to me on ITUNES! I really believe the fastest way to learn a new language or to learn about a culture is to date someone of that culture. Latin and Spanish definitely helped me pick up Italian quickly while studying in Milan, but dating Italians no doubt expedited the process. To ignore that being a charming girl with a good smile doesn’t help me when I travel would be silly. At times, it even gives me access to people and events I otherwise wouldn’t have access to, like the perfect fondue spot in the Swiss Alps, or an artist rave in Milan. There are few things I love more than story-time with my best girlfriends recounting these adventures. Dating is something I have always wanted to cover on ‘N A Perfect World, but I’m one for an epic whirlwind romance …