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Podcast: Never Date a Traveler – Sayulita


photo by Isis Love

Wow! This was one of the hardest podcasts I’ve done. My voice gets a bit crackly when all the emotions of this particular meeting. Friends, food, lifestyle, for so many reasons, Sayulita has become my home away from home over the years. Yes, the town has changed, become a bit too crowded and touristy (sometimes I feel like if I had written one less article praising it… but now I can blame the Mexican government for making it a pueblo mágico), but it’s still one of those places where I feel at peace. I can listen to the waves crashing, the sounds of the jungles cruise around on the back of pick up trucks and 4x4s shoes and clothes optional. Sayulita Nneya is definitely not New York Nneya — no better or worse, just different. But Sayulita Nneya is a rare glowing gem that comes out for a short time a year. This next fellow traveler met Sayulita Nneya as I was figuring out ‘N A Perfect World. It was a time of transition in my life and seemingly his; it was like kismet when we met and it was one of those moments that I’ll be reliving the passion for years to come, until I’m a little old lady, like Rose from Titanic.  Here’s the latest of my Never Date a Traveler podcasts, Sayulita and the Ballsy Ballplayer. Hear all about it on Soundcloud or iTunes!

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