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Fashion Week Reality Check from NJAL

In the decadence of fashion month, with its medicinal injection of thrill, fancy and indulgence, celebrating your own hard work as a designer can be somewhat hard to swallow. Designers might not be global policy decision makers, but we are all humans with the capacity to activate change, raise awareness and pique compassion. From donating to a charity to volunteering – NJAL looks to designers aiding the refugee crisis in practical and accessible ways.

Vicenza, Italy: What I Wore

While in Vicenza for the Origin Passions and Beliefs fair although I had pretty long hours at the trade show, I was able to spend some time wandering around the town of Vicenza. I can’t wait to show you the sights in my Vicenza city views photo diary but in the meantime, shop what I wore! Get my look with some picks below! Here’s a peak of what I wore while on-duty at the trade fair. Mostly some of my favorite SS15 looks from the client I was representing, Azede Jean-Pierre.

Live from Vicenza!

I have the privilege of being in Vicenza, Italy for the Origins Fair with Not Just A Label on behalf of designer Azede Jean-Pierre. 100 emerging designers from around the world paired with 100 leading Italian manufacturers with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, this is an #NAPerfectWorld dream…