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“Up in the Air” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Today is First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum in my hometown and I wanted to highlight an amazing exhibit that went up in March 2015 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Tom Friedman’s “Up in the Air” installation is a mesmerizing display of 650 small sculptures of everyday items hanging in the Lightfall at the center of the new museum building. In bold, eye-catching colors, of things like a Cross, a white picket fence, bandaids, a dildo, Coors light six-pack, Friedman’s work is a transfixing commentary on consumerism and pop-culture seemingly floating in mid-air. Check out my pictures of the exhibition below and other images of this amazing art museum. There is also another captivating exhibit in their photography pavilion: a selection of the works of Robert Capa. Tel Aviv Museum of Art Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo 61332012 +972 3-607-7020