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Insider’s Guide to Miami for

I did notice that all of my friends that called Miami home were incredible, so I knew there had to be more to Miami than just South Beach. In fact, most of my friends that live there always say that they barely go to the beach at all! So on my last trip this February, I decided to “live like a local” under the guidance of some friends from the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

What to Wear: July 4th Edition

My wardrobe’s colour palette definitely skews patriotic — particularly blue and white. It’s hard to get me to turn down a blue and white summer dress. As for red? There’s something about my skin tone and red, I look damn good, it gives me confidence, like, stop-traffic-confidence. Naturally July 4th and Bastille day are my favorite holidays to dress for. Fireworks, summer glows, bare skin and red, white and blue. I can’t think of anything better. Last minute shopping for the long weekend? Check out my picks below! Shot by Simone Carter in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

‘N A Perfect World for – Street Art in Tel Aviv

Excited to share my recent work for with you, Why Tel Aviv Is One of Street Art’s Most Important Hubs Right Now. As I was walking around Tel Aviv, I became obsessed with the graffiti on the beautifully decaying buildings. When I came back I knew I absolutely had to share it and luckily my editor Abby at Paper is into dope art scenes as much as I am. Understandably for brevity, I didn’t get to include nearly as many artists and go in depth about the scene.  For all you graffiti heads, check back on ‘N A Perfect World… in a month or so where I’ll publish the full unedited article!