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photo by Tim Seiwerath

photo by Tim Seiwerath

Welcome to ’N A Perfect World… a curated intersection of travel, fashion and geopolitics & socialization inspired by the global citizen lifestyle of the millennial. From up-and-coming artisans to locales, ’N A Perfect World… will invite you off the beaten path.

Through my travels I’ve found that I’m a “spontaneous planner.” People are often surprised by my willingness and eagerness to travel alone. So far, in my journeys, this hasn’t impacted my safety and has afforded me great cultural leeway and freedom. Being that I do often travel alone, pre-trip, my planning side kicks in: I’m looking up everything about my destination and jotting everything from great hiking vistas to the address of the nearest American embassy in my travel notebooks. But, pretty much as soon as I get there, most of my planned itinerary tends to go out of the window and more often than not I find my self sitting shot gun on the way to a fiesta with the locals, or on the back of someone’s motorcycle carving up the mountain to try la meilleure fondue. Why? It all comes down to the number one tool in my travel arsenal.

I’m charming as fuck.

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