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One-Piece Revival – Power to the P

GIF I made using Albert's photos

“What is this? Is that a face on your stomach?”
“I told you… this is my Pharrell swimsuit, it has a great butt… you’ll like it.” I mumbled as I self-consciously. As we spread out our towel at Playa Mal Paso and I peeled off my dress, I once again stammered about it being a little chilly and I had to wear a one-piece.

He smiled, “I thought you didn’t like ‘Happy.’ Super-cool.”

“Formidable!” I replied, in my best French, and laid out.

Definitely a bold choice and I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing more of this bad-ass swimsuit in posts to come.

Power to the P Swimsuit // Hellz Bellz (on sale now!)

Playa Mal Paso, Sayulita, Mexico. 2015

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