Month: January 2015

#Streetstyle // #Beachstyle – Sayulita

In a laid back town like Sayulita, surfer-chic rules and eclectic is key. Some of my favorite pieces, from jewelry to art to clothing I’ve found in Sayulita and I’m constantly inspired by the laid back beach style of the people there. Shoes and shirts are optional and natural jewelry compliments beautiful tattoos. There’s a certain natural effortlessness that if you stick around long enough, you start to adopt as well.

Travel Diary – Paris, France

This post is a small reprieve from the flood of stories of the tragedies in Paris. I am lucky to have been to Paris a few times, but my trip to Paris in April 2009 is when I really fell in love with the city; I got why my favorite American authors flocked here in the 20s.
April in Paris.  There’s a reason why there’s a song and movie of that name.  It is an absolutely magical time. 

What to Pack – Sayulita, Mexico

Funny thing is, I didn’t sleep before I boarded my flight and packed / deliriously edited this video straight through the AM.  So, this time on my trip, I forgot: my mascara, sunglasses, sports bra for hiking, socks, iPad charger and most importantly left my camera battery plugged into the wall.  However, in that typically Sayulita way, everything actually worked out!