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Tale of the Last Marzipan

Nevana Nevana

From independent bookstores to ancient embroidery techniques, it’s always sad when old art forms die, so I felt especially lucky to visit a place I had heard about, Albert’s Confectionery, while I was in Tel Aviv. This place is old school and has that kind of no frills charm that lets you know you’re getting the good stuff. The smell of almond and butter leading you to Albert’s makes you want to stick your tongue out and just lick the air.

Established in 1935 by their father, a Greek immigrant, brother and sister, Jacob and Nevana currently run the shop and do everything; if you go on Friday mornings, you can see Jacob actually peeling the almonds by hand! The merengue are appropriately named “french kisses,” so light and airy, like a dream. Quite honestly, I never really thought of marzipan or almond cookies. Nor did I know Israeli was the home of them (there’s even a marzipan museum in Galilee). Let me tell you, ignorance is bliss, because now I’m jonesin for that marzipan. Coming back this way from Israel anytime soon? Call me. Really.

Anyone that knows me knows what a slow eater I am. Check out me savoring my last piece of marzipan below, and if you can, go to Albert’s! Also, if you like my food porn, show me some love. 😉

36 Matalon, in Florentine, 7am-5pm

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