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Perfect Fact – Cities Around the World and their Nicknames

So while writing the introduction for the Florence Shopping post earlier this week, for sake of the prose, I wanted to use Florence’s nickname, but I couldn’t think of it (it’s City of Lilies)! You know, Rome’s the Eternal City, New York, the Big Apple. Well trying to find out Florence’s sent me down a rabbit hole, so I bring to you, 25 random cities and their nicknames.

Polaroid Fames_Nneya3-31. Nashville – Music City

2. Los Angeles – The City of Angels

3. Las Vegas – Sin City

4. Chicago – The Windy City

5. Paris – The City of Love, The City of Light, La Ville-LumierePolaroid Fames_Nneya2

6. New Orleans – The Big Easy

7. Philadelphia – City of Brotherly Love, Philly

8. Detroit – Motor City, Rock City

9. Venice – La Serenissima

Polaroid Fames_Nneya7-210. Rome – The Eternal City, City of the Seven Hills

11. San Francisco – Frisco

12. London – The Old Smoke, The Big Smoke

13. Beijing – The Forbidden City

14. Edinburgh – Auld Reekie

15. Vicenza – City of Gold Polaroid Fames_Nneya4-2

16. Memphis – Bluff City, Blues City I’m suddenly craving really good roadside BBQ

17. Pittsburg – Iron City

18. Milano – Fashion Capital of the World, makes sense and then I came across The Drinkable City & The Moral Capital bizarre

19. Madrid – El Foro, The Forum

20. Jerusalem – The Holy City, you mad Vatican?Polaroid Fames_Nneya6-2

21. Bologna – Red City; La Dotta, La Rossa, La Grassa (the educated, the red, the fat) and you can call people from there tortellinis 🙂

22. One of my favorites I came across La Spezia — “il pisciatoio d’Italia” (the urinal of Italy)
Because la region Liguria is one of the rainiest places in Italy.

23. Budapest – Pearl of the Danube  Polaroid Fames_Nneya

24. Macau – Oyster City

25. Singapore – The Lion City Polaroid Fames_Nneya5

But what about… Rack City? That’s actually Vegas 😉

Where are you from? What do you think some of these cities really should be called?

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