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The Michelin Star Restaurant You Can Actually Afford — really, like, once a week!

At Tim Ho Wan's Plaza Singapura

At Tim Ho Wan in Plaza Singapura

The Michelin star is a culinary and hospitality industry recognized rating system that has the power to transform a hotel or restaurant from obscurity to an international destination seemingly overnight. Most people are familiar with world-renowned culinary “experience” Michelin-starred restaurants like Noma in Denmark or San Sebastián in Spain where you are prepared to spend a good portion of your paycheck and join a months long waiting list. But did you know that if you happen to be in Hong Kong or Singapore, a random late night Dim Sum craving could be Michelin star rated fare as well?

In 2009, chef of three-starred Michelin restaurant, Lung King Heen in Hong Kong, opened a 20-seater dim sum restaurant in Mongkok, Tim Ho Wan. In no time (2010), Tim Ho Wan received a Michelin star and by 2015, several of their newly opened branches in Hong Kong and Singapore had merited their own!

This is the most no-frills Michelin starred restaurant you’ll probably ever go to; in fact, with prices for the average meal at less than $20 per person, Tim Ho Wan’s will be the cheapest Michelin-star meal you will ever eat. Months long waitlist? No! Tim Ho Wan doesn’t do reservations, you just queue outside like everyone else and you’ll be ticking off your order in pencil on your disposable paper menu. Speaking of, here’s what you should definitely try from the Singapore outpost:

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