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Video: Travel Make Up Tips – Part 1

When it comes to my beauty routine, I’m pretty basic. From 16 years old, I had access to the TeenVOGUE beauty closet by way of awesome beauty directors Kara Jesella and then Eva Chen. In college, my friend Lauren and I volunteered with NELCWIT’s women shelter hosting a “beauty spa” for the women on Fridays with products generously donated by the TeenVOGUE beauty closet. Yet, in my adult life, I’ve always approached beauty with a bit of a wary admiration. When I was in Avon‘s beauty campaign last fall, besides skin products and mascara, I was hard-pressed to come up with my beauty must-haves. And now, especially as I’m always on the go, those “must-haves” better not take up too much room in my DOP kit. Luckily, Simone Carter, who worked with me this summer, is a beauty junkie. Really y’all. #watchthatspace. Her passion for beauty is pretty awesome; she digests those YouTube videos like I down oysters at a happy hour. I see her doing big things in the industry.

So I had Simone give me some tips on how to apply make up quickly, so I wouldn’t mind it while travelling. And broke it down in a three part series for you. I learned some great things, even tips that will save me tons of money!
Here’s part one and stay tuned for more!


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