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#FBF Summer Weekends – Southampton with Sophie

Let’s take a relaxing break from fashion month. There’s nothing like a fun summer weekend in the Hamptons and as those warm days wind down, I know I’ve been blessed with  a pretty amazing summer. I began the summer meeting one of my foodie heros in Singapore, then found myself sipping a coke Slurpee, hot boxing and making beats in a hotel room in Nashville with a pretty dope dude and one of my favorite bands from teen years. Flash forward to ending the summer going to a place I’ve dreamed of since I was little, Havana. Sprinkled in between these adventures were weekends in New York with friends and family. When you’re travelling all of the time, these weekends are the glue that holds it all together and keeps you sane.

Here are a few of my iPhone shots from one of those weekends I spent in Southampton with my best friend Sophie and her family while she was shooting her instagram campaign for Mercedes Benz USA.

And check out Sophie’s shots for @MBUSA!

and this is another great one of her from that weekend!

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